Varsity jackets have become a fashion staple worn not only by athletes nowadays but also by individuals who are into a chic retro look.

Also coming by the name Letterman jackets, these jackets have distinguishing features and are a great choice for folks looking for durable yet trendy attire.

They are easy-to-wear attire and are known for their comfort and cozy touch. Varsity jackets can be worn throughout the day for long hours without being sweaty.

Stitched with a fine lining beneath, varsity jackets / senior jacket are easy to get along with for people having fabric allergies.

Often associated with high schoolers and college sports teams, Varsity jackets are now worn by others too. These jackets make great attire for anyone, be it a 50-year-old going for a walk or a 15-year-old playing a football match.

Varsity jackets are specific in their looks and detailed patterns. Featuring contrast sleeves, the varsity jackets come with striped ribbed cuffs with the same patterned collars.

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The cherry on top is the attire’s flexibility for customization. You can customize your varsity jacket with your team or individual name, logo, or emblem, making them a perfect way to show off your team’s spirit and advertise it.

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