• Is Jackets UAE a secure site to shop from?

Yes. Jackets UAE is a safe and secure site for customers globally to shop from. No one can
access customer’s data. Your information is end-to-end encrypted and secure from any third

• How do you ship the order?

The orders are shipped by our own pickup as well as trusted courier services including Skynet, DHL, FedEx,etc.

• What materials are the jackets made from?

A jacket is made from your selected material like pure Leather material or wool or polyester. Polyester jackets are lightweight weighted while the leather ones are rugged and classic.

• How do I clean and maintain my jackets?

Jackets UAE will provide the instruction to be washed in a machine or dry cleaned. Check the care label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

• How do I cancel my order?
You can cancel your existing order within twenty-four hours of the placement of the order. If
you have already paid for the order, you can get a 100% cash back of the paid amount.
However, no customers will be entertained with the above-mentioned policy on exceeding the
twenty-four-hour period.

• Can I return a defective attire?
Jackets UAE has an excellent quality check department, making sure the product’s quality is
Nevertheless, if you have a defective attire delivered to you you can get it exchanged/altered easily.